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Registration for Dutch Dragoon Cup is open!

sponsors dutch dragoon cup

The Dutch Dragoon Cup is an instructive and fun weekend, suitable for both beginners and experienced sailors. The sailors are trained as they compete (learning). Between the games, time is taken to evaluate. At the same time, the races are awarded awards and both the Dragoon class and the C3 class (Hobie 16, Hobie Max, SL16, Nacra 500 etc) and this year, Nacra 15 can also participate.

For the matches the normal competition rules apply. The parents can follow the matches on the shore from the competition grounds, catering is present. Parents who want to help can apply for assistance (see below).

All associations are invited to bring their own trainer(s), their own motorboat is then handy. There is a head coach to coordinate everything. The Veerse Meer (Lake Veere) is very sheltered, so it can be sailed under almost all conditions. The sailing takes place immediately before the association.

SCHEDULE Dutch Dragoon Cup 2018:

Date Time Activity
Saterday 13 okt 10.00 - 12.00 Registration and boat preparation
  11.00 Trainers meeting
  12.00 Skippers meeting (parent leave)
  12.30 Boats on the water, lunch after 1st match
  18.00 Off to De Kruitmolen followed by diner
  20.00 Evening entertainment
Sunday 14 okt 08.00 Wake up and breakfast
  09.30 Boats on the water
  12.00 Lunch
  15.30 Prize-giving

It is necessary for us to have a list of who and how much there will be in connection with lodging and catering, so please register before October 6.

register for dragoon cup

Registered participants can be seen at the bottom of this page.

The registration fee is only € 45.00 per person thanks to the sponsors below, including one night stay at the Kruitmolen, Kanoa or at the club, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and Sunday lunch and accompanying drinks. The registration fee will be paid on registration with the appropriate money.

here are at least two accompanying motorboats from CCZ. Keep in mind that there is a maximum speed from 20 km/h on site and that a shipping license is mandatory for motorised boats that can faster than 20 km/h. The port behind the club has a public trailer slope where the powerboats can be left in water. The boats sail 100 meters and can be pulled on the shore, lying on an anchor or a little further on a scaffold.

Youth and two escorts per association all sleep at De Kruitmolen or at Kanoa. Beds are without sheets so you should bring your own. About 120 people can sleep in a bed, while others are informed by us to bring a tent, air bed and sleeping bag or sleep in the youth corner at Catclub Zeeland. From Friday evening you are welcome, we ask for this extra night € 20,00 p/p. For the parents there are several beautiful places nearby, such as Veere, Middelburg and Wolphaartsdijk. See VVV Zeeland.

The formal address to Catclub Zeeland is Muidenweg 221, 4471 NM, Wolphaartsdijk. However, it is hard to find because you can not see the catamarans from the road. Therefore study the image closely, there is a barrier at the mark. Kanoa is located in the harbour, the best point of recognition when driving across the Muidenweg.

End your season with a good start!

If you want to contribute as a grown-up or older child, then it can of course as a volunteer. Contact Guus.

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Registrants Dragoon Cup
# First name Last name Sort descending First name (crew) Last name (crew) Boottype Land
1 Bjarne Boerboom Mark Hendrix Nacra 5.7 Nederland
2 Vince Boersen Nina Boersen Hobie Dragoon Nederland
3 Rex Caminada Jamie Wiskerke Hobie 16 (no spi) Nederland
4 Anna De Bever Marise Zuurmond Hobie 16 (no spi) Nederland
5 Kyle de Haas Irian van Bers Hobie 16 (no spi) Nederland
6 Louise Demeestere Emilie Van de Voorde Hobie Max Youth België
7 Julia Dewor Zenna Vervaeke Hobie 16 (no spi) Polen
8 Boris Goethals Fran Schellens Hobie Dragoon België
9 Francien Holleman Fiep Wesseling Hobie Dragoon Nederland
10 Adriaan Lagaay Hein Wesseling Hobie 16 (no spi) Nederland
11 Bas Lenferink Mart Linthorst Hobie Dragoon Nederland
12 Quintijn Loggers Just de Mol van Otterloo Hobie Dragoon Nederland
13 Pepijn Loggers Guus Bieshuizen Hobie Dragoon Nederland
14 Mirko Pokorny Gijs Baarends Hobie Dragoon Nederland
15 Brent Roevros Jason Plug Hobie Dragoon Nederland
16 Nikita van Beelen Floortje van Oosten Hobie Dragoon Nederland
17 Fay van Houwelingen Mae van Noordennen Hobie 16 (no spi) Nederland
18 Jules Van Poppel Felien Spiessens Hobie Dragoon België
19 Renate van Rooijen Wouter van Rooijen Nacra 15 Nederland
20 Eva Wentges Julia Wesseling Hobie 16 (no spi) Nederland
21 Finn Wernecke Anna de Bever Hobie Dragoon Nederland
22 Hugo Zirkzee Steven Mineur Hobie Dragoon Nederland